Vintage Surfing Designs

Rare Surf Tees celebrates the unique contribution our pioneer surfboard shapers, photographers and surf film makers made during surfing's "Golden Era" from the 50’s, 60's, 70's and 80’s.

Our mission: To preserve our past surf legend's surf artwork and faithfully reproduce them on classic t-shirts for us all to enjoy!

Check out our Bio section where you can read biographies on their rich surfing  history.  We are fortunate to have met many of them and are stoked that they have welcomed us into their back yards and shaping rooms to share their stories.

Our Rare Surf Tees range presents Torquay Legends: Fred Pyke,  Pat Morgan, MauriceCole, Kym Thompson and Don Allcroft and also includes 'Albe Falzon Heritage Collection' - a beautiful range of photography and film poster art that Albe created in the early days.

Our vintage designs also include Simon Anderson, Shane Stedman “Shane”, Barry Bennett, Dick Van Straalen, Mitchell Rae of Outer Island, Bob Cooper and Scott Dillon. The famous Crystal Voyager Surf Movie Poster is immortalized as well.

We pay a royalty to all the shapers and our t-shirts are under licence with their approval. 

In late 2014, our legend list grew with the addition of Torquay surf pioneer Vic Tantau, Newcastle's  Sam Egan,  Caringbah's Jackson Surfboards and Forster's Bob Brown Surfboards t-shirts. 

 For summer 2015/16  Nat Young  joined our team with his "Nat Young Surf Designs". This was one of the few surf art decals that adorned Nat's boards back in his early years. We also welcomed Lawrie Hohensee of Hohensee Surfboards and Graham King of King Surfboards. 

 For Summer 2016/17 we  received our new range of t-shirts from surf artist Shane Egan's portfolio of surf art from the 70"s. He was the artist for many designs back in the early days of Oz surfing. 

Summer 2017/18 surf legends Gary 'KONG' Elkerton, Gunther Rohn, Goodtime Surfboards, Skipp Surfboards, Deryk Hynd, Mike Davis, Len Dibben, Richard Harvey join the RST team.

Summer 2018/19 we had Nirvana Surfboards, Byrne Surfboards and Keith Paull tshirts arrive. 

Summer 2019/20 has some beauties . Arriving late December/January 2020 are Nat Young Designs early  Tibetan print, Murray Bourtons Pipe Dream,  Dick Van Straalen Spirit of the Sea, Outer Island Palm and a cracking Cheyne Horan Design. 

Keep surfing and respect the ocean.